Best My Birthday Celebration Essay In English

Best My Birthday Celebration Essay In English

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Best My Birthday Celebration Essay In English

Best My Birthday Celebration Essay In English

Best My Birthday Celebration Essay In English :

There is a special day in everyone’s life when we like to forget everything and live happily. That day is the day of one’s own birthday. Because this is the day we come into this beautiful world. So everyone’s own birthday is everyone’s favorite day.

Why is my birthday a special day for me?

The day I come is celebrated as a birthday. Generally, everyone celebrates their wedding day in the form of birthday. So the most special day for me is my birthday. Everyone goes their separate ways to celebrate their birthday. That’s how I celebrate my birthday every year in a unique way. Even though each birthday deducts one year of your life, the most special day of my life will still be my birthday. So I try to make this day more special.

My birthday celebration:

My special day in my life is my birthday. I love to celebrate birthdays and I celebrate my birthday every year with great joy and enthusiasm. I also strive every year for what I want to be the most beautiful and unique day for me. Every year a new beginning of my life begins with a birthday. May strives to move in the right direction in the next life by correcting all the mistakes made in the past years.

I was born on March 24th. I was born at the beginning of Chaitra month according to Marathi year. Marathi New Year has just passed and my birthday is coming. Spring also begins this month. Summer day begins with the end of the atmosphere. At such times I happily celebrate my birthday.

The strangest thing about my birthday is that the annual exams are held in the same month every year. The stress of studying for an annual exam and the eagerness to get close to a birthday are very different. Every year I celebrate my birthday with joy despite the stress of exams.

Just like every year I celebrate my birthday with joy and enthusiasm, last year I also celebrated my birthday in Mast. My birthday also started with the wishes of my parents. Then, as soon as the doorbell rang, my friends and relatives began to greet me. After seeing the good wishes of everyone, I went to bed, got up early in the morning, took a bath, went to the neighboring temple, and received the blessings of God and my parents.

Dad then brought me Cadbury chocolates to share with all the friends at school. I went to school with chocolates. All the friends in the class wished me a happy birthday. The class teacher also wished me a happy birthday. All the chocolates I brought with me were shared by my friends and classmates. Congratulations to everyone for thanking me.

Gradually, as the evening approached, my excitement grew. Because in the evening it was time to celebrate my birthday. On my birthday, my parents gave me a beautiful dress as a gift. My parents invited neighbors, friends, and relatives to celebrate my birthday. My cousin and sister decorated the room beautifully for my birthday. Dad ordered a beautiful cake for me. My cake from last year was the size of a cricket ground because I love the game of cricket so my father made a cricket ground cake for me.

Then I put all the candles on the cake and everyone sang in unison wishing me a happy birthday. Then I gave the cake to all the friends and relatives who had cut the cake. Then every one gave me some presents. I was blessed by my parents and the elderly people there.

After cutting the cake I took all my friends and went to another room. In that room, my cousin and brother used to play for me and all my friends and plan to solve puzzles. Everyone happily played the game together and also solved the puzzle.

Then after the birthday party, all my friends and relatives went home. For the past few years, my parents have been going to feed the poor children living in the neighboring slums after my birthday. Similarly, this year we went to donate chocolates, biscuits, fruits, and some other things to some poor children living in slums. The kids living in the slums had ideas for my birthday so they brought me cakes and even gifts. I cut the cake there too and all the kids there felt the cake. We then fed the food to the children. I was even happier when I saw the happy expressions on the faces of those children.

After coming home from there in a tired state and everyone slept but in my mind, I was eager to see the gifts given by all my friends and relatives. So I slept waiting for it to happen in the morning. After getting up in the morning and taking a shower, I went to open the gift.

I was very happy to see the gifts. As it began to unfold, more began to appear on my face as I received all my favorite items as gifts for my birthday. Someone gave me my favorite cartoon as a gift and someone gave me study-related stuff. Some even donated decorative items. But I loved all those gifts. And more valuable than this was the fact that all the relatives were blessed with the match. This is how I celebrate my birthday every year with joy and enthusiasm. And this year is going to celebrate birthdays in the same way.

Is birthday a special day in everyone’s life?

Every person in this world has a birthday celebrated on the day the person is born. The day you came into this world, the day you saw this beautiful world will definitely be special for you. A birthday makes everyone realize that it is their own day. We celebrate this day with joy and the memories of that day make that day even more beautiful.

In my opinion, a birthday is a very special day for everyone. Because we are very happy on this day. Happy birthday to you from your close relatives and friends. There are also gifts that help make your day even more special. We also try to make this day even more special. We do the things we love on this day and other people also greet us on this day with respect. So the birthday is a special day in everyone’s life.


Every year I celebrate my birthday with joy and enthusiasm with my friends and relatives. The blessings and good wishes I received on this day are very precious to me. Even my parents have tried to make this day unforgettable for me since childhood. So every year I look forward to my birthday.

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