Best Self Introduction Essay In English

Best Self Introduction Essay In English

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Best Self Introduction Essay In English

Best Self Introduction Essay In English

Best Self Introduction Essay In English

Today all self-employed people from school students are asked for self-introduction. Self-introduction is an important part of essay writing for students in school. So you need to know how to give a self-introduction to any job or person in the future. Introducing yourself is important to tell the person in front of you about your identity, your personality, and everything about you.

How do you start a self introduction essay :

Most of the time it’s time to introduce yourself. But some people don’t know how to start while introducing themselves. So if you read this essay, you will know how to start while introducing yourself.

How I can introduce myself in English essay:

There are more than seven billion people living on this earth. But each person’s temperament, personality is different. Everyone is different. And everyone’s preferences are also different and from all these things a person’s identity is decided. In today’s blog, I am introducing myself.

Best Self Introduction Essay In English

Hello friends! My name is Saurabh Santosh Kulkarni. I live in the Gandhi Complex in Mumbai, India. My primary education was from “Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School” in Mumbai. My family falls into a middle class family. First of all, my family has a very important place in my life. Because in this world, no one but the family can support you to the end. What happened to us was because of the family.

My family and my childhood:

I love my family so much. My family consists of me, my parents, my grandparents, my uncle and their son Sonu.

All of my family members live together as a family. My entire childhood was spent in Mumbai.

My father Exam is a respectable person to me. Because my father is a doctor. Free treatment of the poor is my father’s primary duty. My uncle is an industrialist.

My mother and aunt are both housewives. My grandfather was a teacher but now he is retired. Grandma was also a housewife. My uncle’s son is my younger brother who is studying in class VI.

Since I was the eldest in my family, I was pampered by my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

My father taught me to help those in need, and my mother and uncle taught me to face every problem with courage.

From my grandparents I got the knowledge of all the things I needed in life. Grandparents tell me stories of bravery, prowess and courage every day. My childhood went very well in the company of all these family members. I received high quality rites of passage from my family.

My education:

He was educated in Mumbai. I am currently studying in class XII. I am studying 12th standard from Swami Vivekananda College in Mumbai. I am studying science. Like Baba, I also have a strong desire to become a doctor. I am working hard for that. I am a middle class boy of this class. I am weak in your subjects. I am going to study these subjects well and get admission in medical college.

My strength:

I am also a great player in the way I am a student of this taluka in my studies. I love the game of football. I have been playing football since I was a child.

The atmosphere at home made me feel very good and I got into all the good habits. My father taught me to help people in need, and my grandparents taught me to never lie. Also from my mother I got to see a lifestyle of constant hard work.

The teachers at the school gave me the strength to develop a good personality. I learned something good from everyone I met in my life.

Respecting older people, making good use of time, exercising regularly, etc. is my daily routine.

I love reading the characters of various great men. I also read the daily newspaper. So I’m getting general knowledge. I know how to be happy in every situation because I believe, “Happiness is not to be found. It is in every moment, to be happy, in short, happiness is within us.”

I am also a very brave person. I love to do something creative without having to do something old over and over again. I love learning new things. I am always learning new things and enjoying them.

I am a very confident person. I know exactly how to talk to someone. So I always talk to each person according to their needs, so I get to know the nature of the person in front of me quickly.

My weakness:

Every person has some weakness. So do I. Things I don’t like

I’m a little lazy in this regard. I love playing games. I was so engrossed in playing the game that I didn’t even know the time. I spend a lot of time playing games but that’s not a good thing. But I will definitely try to overcome this weakness in me.

Ambitions in my life:

Everyone has some ambition in their life. Having attention or ambition for something is very important for that person’s inner skills. No one in the world can do anything without a specific purpose. If you want to succeed in life, your ambition must be very strong and certain.

As such, I want to be a doctor in the future and help people in need. I will try my best for that.


Not everything in life can be expressed in this way. Although you can’t describe some of the sentences and emotions. Before you can write anything about your life, you have to make your own decisions. Life is a strong and visible life for the welfare of our peers. With this goal in mind, I will definitely try to serve those in need.

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