write on elephant essay in english USA

Write on Elephant Essay In English In USA

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In today’s post, we have brought Write on Elephant Essay In English In USA “.

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write on elephant essay in english USA

Write on Elephant Essay In English In USA

There are many different kinds of animals found on our planet, some of which are very small in size and some of which are very strong. One of these giant animals is the elephant.

It is generally known that this animal is commonly found in forests. The elephant is a very loving animal, and a stray elephant can be more dangerous than a tiger.

In today’s post, we have brought Elephant Essay In English “.

The elephant is known as the strongest animal in the world. The elephant is what we know as “Elephant” in English. but The word elephant is derived from the Latin word Elephas.

When classified scientifically, elephants fall into this category and sub-categories of existing animals. It is also the mammal in Elephant. It is the largest animal in existence. There are three main species of elephants,

Elephants in the African bush.

Elephants in the African jungle.

Asian elephants.

The elephant is the only animal in the universe with a trunk. The long trunk is a distinctive feature of the elephant. The elephant uses its trunk like an elephant’s hand. That is why the elephant is called “Hastin” in Sanskrit.

The elephant’s head is very flexible. The elephant has no effect on the elephant due to the force of the ivory in the conflict between the hands due to the flexible head. The elephant’s head is flexible because of the air cavity in the skull.

The only animal found to have a supa-like ear. Elephant’s ears are lined with innumerable blood vessels, from which unnecessary heat is released into the atmosphere. So it keeps her body temperature under control. Elephants can hear even the slightest sound. Elephant ears are sensitive even to 1kHz noise.

 Elephant Description :

The hand is completely gray in appearance. It has very thin skin on its body with a thickness of 2.5 cm.

The elephant is easily recognizable by its four pillar-like legs, long trunk, and supa-like ears.

The trunk of an elephant in the nose of an elephant. This proboscis and this upper limb are connected. The elephant’s trunk is known as the most distinctive and distinctive animal in the hand. The trunk of an elephant is not a bone but a small amount of fat. The elephant breathes through this trunk. The elephant has a total of 26 teeth. It also has two ivory teeth that protrude like needles.

In both males and females, ivory is three hundred centimeters long.

The average weight of a male elephant is between 4000 and 5000 tons while that of a female elephant is between 3000 and 4000 tons.

 Elephant Habitat :

Elephants are mainly found in forests, forests, grasslands. However, their habitat is the desert, the swamp, as well as the elephant habitat in the tropical and subtropical mountains of Asia and Africa. A herbivorous animal, it is found roaming in the waters. Elephants drink 40 liters of water a day.

The special thing about elephants is that they always roam in herds. Elephants never roam alone. All the females live together on their young. Male elephants, however, are not herds. They protect their young from predators such as tigers and lions.

But animals like tigers and lions never enter their herd if an animal accidentally kills them in their herd.

 Elephant food :

As the elephant is a full-fledged animal, it eats grass, aquatic plants, tree leaves, roots, bark, branches, etc. as food. Also, her favorite food is bamboo, soft fruits, dates, maize, coconut, sugarcane etc. Adult elephants can eat up to 140 kg of food in a day. So a hungry elephant can eat more food than this.

Elephants are constantly migrating depending on the availability of food and water. Elephants are a common sight in areas with ample water resources and greenery. Hands can give 140 liters of water a day to homes. Elephants can live Without water for about three days.

 The breeding season of Elephant :

Male elephants reach the age of ten to fourteen years. But most elephants do not mate until they are thirty years old. This is because older male elephants prevent young males from mating. In addition, females are often reluctant to have sex with young males. Female elephants begin mating at an average age of twelve years.

Females give birth to one pup every four to five years until they are fifty years old. The gestation period of a female is about 22 months.

The age of a born elephant can range from about 116 to 145 grams. And their height up to 95 cm.

After birth, the baby elephant starts walking in about an hour. My elephant protects his cubs for many years. Puppies are initially dependent on breast milk

. Slowly the female elephant trains him to eat other things.

 The life span of Elephant :

Elephants can live for about 65 years. Elephants can live in captivity for 80 years or more. Elephants in Sri Lanka have recently been found to live for 170 years. Princess Alice died in Melbourne at the age of 192.

To date, elephants have not been found to die of any disease. Elephant wounds also heal faster. The cause of death of an elephant is often the destruction of the last set of its trees, the sixth set. This is because if this set of elephant tusks is destroyed by Zizu, it is likely to die of starvation and malnutrition.

Regarding the death of elephants, there has been a society since ancient times where old elephants go to a certain place to die. This place is called “Elephant Cemetery”. According to one legend, the elephant knows that he has died and the elephant dies in one place.

 Importance of elephant :

Elephants have been mentioned since ancient times. It is mentioned in the court of kings and maharajas in keeping elephants. Because marching on an elephant was considered a symbol of prestige. Also, from the time of Mahabharata to the time of the recent Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, elephants were used in the army of the nation.

Also, ivory is very valuable. Elephant ivory has a very high price in the market. Various ornamental items, from ivory to ivory, are offered.

Elephants are included in smart animals. Elephants are capable of understanding emotions. The elephant has earned the respect of the people of Africa. She has a unique significance.

Because the face of Shri Ganesh, the main deity of Hinduism, is an elephant. Therefore, the elephant is also worshiped as a deity.

The elephant also has a lot of cultural significance. In addition, elephants play an important role in conserving biodiversity in the environment.

Most importantly, it is important for wildlife.

But Alikade is being hunted extensively for ivory. As a result, the number of elephants has been declining rapidly recently.

According to a statistic, the number of elephants in the 1980s was 93 lakh, but recently it has come down to 50,000.

Therefore, the poaching of elephants should be banned. Otherwise, it will not take long for elephants to be included in the list of endangered species.

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