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Importance Of Girl Education Essay

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Importance Of Girl Education Essay

Importance Of Girl Education Essay

why education is important for girl essay :

Education has a very important place in life. On the strength of education, we can make the impossible things possible. If you think in terms of population, India is the second-largest country in the world. But in India, the number of girls is less than the number of boys. At the same time, the education rate of girls is lower than that of boys. In Indian culture, girls are given the status of goddesses. So why is the number of girls’ education low? This needs to be considered.

When you think of ancient India, you will see that women were not even allowed to go out of the house. But over time, that is likely to change. And nowadays women are seen shoulder to shoulder with men in every field. Yet the number of girls’ education in our country is still low.

Factors affecting girls’ education :

Although women are playing their part in every field today, in most places there are restrictions on girls learning. But our society is not aware of the importance of girls’ education.

But there are some factors in our society that affect girls’ education.

There are many reasons that make it impossible for girls to get an education in our country.

1. The first factor affecting girls’ education is poverty and destitution in society. Although education up to secondary level is free, it costs a lot to send girls to school. So families who are very poor fail to send their daughters to school and pay for their education.

2. The second factor affecting girls’ education is the rural areas. Many problems are being created as schools and colleges are far away from rural areas. In some rural areas, girls have to walk three to four hours to get to school. This raises many questions about the safety of girls. As a result, parents decide not to send their daughters to school.

3. The third factor that affects girls’ education is old ideas.

Even today there are some people in our society who live in the old way of thinking. Among such people, it is not appropriate to send girls out of the house. As a result, such family members refuse to send their daughters for education.

4. Apart from all the above, another factor that affects the education of girls is child marriage or child labor. Parents do not educate their daughters with the intention of marrying them at an early age.

For all these reasons, the number of girls’ education in our country is also declining day by day.

Important of girl education:

Both boys and girls have the same right to education. Yet in our society, the number of girls educated is much lower than that of boys.

But it is important for everyone to know the importance of a girl’s education. Because the benefits of girls’ education are back. An educated and beautiful girl can play an important role in the development of the country. Women and men are the two wheels of society. Even if one wheel is broken, the game of the other breaks automatically.

Therefore, the family, society, and the country need girls very much. Therefore, along with boys, girls are also an important factor for the development and progress of the country. Therefore, when it comes to education, it is important to consider that both boys and girls should be given the same education.

Benefits of Girls’ Education :

If you want the development and progress of your country, you must educate your daughters. Indeed, the future of the entire nation depends on education.

Girls always have to depend on others. Therefore, if girls are educated, they will become self-reliant so that they do not have to depend on anyone.

The most important benefit of girls’ education will be the development and progress of the country as well as the future of the country will be bright. Not only this, if more and more women in the country become financially capable, the economic system of the country will also grow rapidly.

If women are educated, the risk of death will be reduced because educated women are more capable of protecting their children than other women.

Educated women are also less likely to be exposed to HIV or WADS.

Not only that, well-educated women are less likely to be victims of domestic or sexual violence.

Today’s educated girls have reduced the level of corruption in the country and created a situation for the country to move in a better direction.

Also, other girls born in a family where women are well educated can also be well educated. Therefore, it is very important for more girls in the country to get an education.

Only a part of the country can be educated by educating a man, but if a woman is educated, her family, society, and country develop with her.

So the government of the country also specializes in the education of girls

Attention should be paid. Both should be given equal opportunity of education without any discrimination.

Girl’s duties and contribution to education:

Every woman born as a girl has to play three roles in her life. While going through the three roles of daughter, wife, and mother, a girl has to face water fertility problems. While carrying out this important duty, a girl has to fulfill her duty as a good citizen.

Therefore, like boys, girls need to be educated in different fields.

The education of girls should be such that they should be able to carry out every duty. Based on education, girls become perfect to face every aspect of life. An educated woman is well aware of her duties and rights. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the education of girls.

Conclusion :

Looking at the history of India, we will see that many women have made significant contributions to the history of India. India is a major country in terms of women’s education. We all know that Mirabai, Ahilyabai, Rani Lakshmibai, Rajmata Jijaubai are great and have made important contributions to our country. So, regardless of the contribution made by women, it is important to respect them and pay attention to their development.

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