My Best Friend Essay For College Students In English USA

My best friend essay for college students In English USA

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My Best Friend Essay For College Students

My Best Friend Essay For College Students In English

My best friend essay for college students:

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in our life. We always cherish different relationships while living life but the most important and beautiful of these is friendship. A friend causes your whole life to change.

In the modern world, there is a great lack of qualities like love, friendship, philanthropy, happiness, goodness, justice, etc. In such a time, friendship is a relationship in which all the virtues are seen.

Friendship is the lifeline of social life. So it is very rare to find true friendship. Choosing a friend requires great wisdom and intuition. Everyone has a friend in their life to whom we understand everything and tell them all our joys and sorrows.

Similarly, there is a friend in my life with whom I understand everything.

“My best friend is just an integral part of my life. Because of his selflessness, heart, and mind, and the feeling of constantly helping others are some of the best qualities he has.”

He made many friends in life from childhood till now. Every friend has some qualities, some are selfish, some are just friends.

But a true friend is one who supports his friend in every situation, and is a sincere helper, and is loyal. He understands your feelings and supports you at every stage of life or in good or bad situations. I salute God for having such a unique and true friend.

James is my true friend. I am proud that James will be my brotherly friend forever. Rahul is a very good friend of mine. Our friendship has lasted forever since childhood. James and I have put together a lot of memories and joys of our friendship. Since James eats next door to my house, we have known each other since childhood and this acquaintance will never change into a true friendship. James and I went to school in Milwaukee and from there we traveled to college together. He always proved his worth to me. In fact, James taught me to fight every occasion in life. He inspired me to be truly honest, loyal, and purposeful in life.

Apart from being a good friend of James, he is also my classmate. In fact, James is the most generous student. His temperament is very good. Stands up to help both friends. Therefore, James has got last year’s Adarsh ​​Vidyarthi award. James is very smart even in his studies and because of the class teachers who have also monitored him. He has excellent qualities of leadership, honesty, adaptability, and caution. He is very keen to help other students in the class and solve their study problems.

James also made me curious to study. We are both very serious about the study. So we have set goals for life. Although we both agree with each other, the desire to pursue a career is contradictory. If James wants to grow up and become a doctor, then I want to become an industrialist. We focus on perfection in study to achieve the goals we set in life.

As well as being good at studies, we are also very interested in excluded jobs. Football is our favorite sport. We are both good players in football. We participate in college football competitions. In addition, we participate in other college competitions with joy and enthusiasm. James and I used to participate in various competitions such as sports programs, speech competitions, leadership competitions, oratory competitions. With James’s help, I won prizes twice in our colleges. James is a very good friend of mine. Without him, I feel incomplete.

Our whole class is impressed by James and my friendship and sometimes even examples of our friendship are given. James and my family are also very impressed with our friendship. Very few people know about friendship. And I consider myself very lucky to have a friend like Rajesh and because of him I also understood the meaning of friendship. Rajesh and my friend have also brought our family together. Every year Rajesh and my family travel together. We both love the rainy season. On rainy days we both go for walks in the nearby villages.

Not only that, sometimes James and my family even arranged to spend the summer holidays together. For me, my friend James and his friendship are more important than all the precious things in the world. I always thank God for having a wonderful family and a true sincere friend James.

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