{ Essay } My dream vacation Australia essay

My dream vacation Australia essay

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My dream vacation Australia essay

My dream vacation Australia essay

Who doesn’t love going out on holiday? Everyone has a dream to go for a walk somewhere during the holidays. Similarly, for many days now, my dream is to go to Australia on holiday.

I don’t just want to go on vacation, my dream vacation country is Australia. Australia is part of the continent and is also known as the smallest continent. It is a large country that looks more attractive due to its excellent beaches.

Why is Australia a dream destination?

I have loved Australia since I was a child. I want to go to Australia? The reason I have this attraction is that the kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. And I have loved kangaroos since I was a child. I love to see a lot of kangaroos at once and this is possible only in Australia so I love to go to Australia on holiday.

Confectionery is one of the many physical components in Australia. I also love the desert in Australia. I have never been to a desert. So going to Australia fulfilled many of my desires together. A wide variety of animals and plants with specific anatomy are found mainly in desert regions. So I can try to learn a little bit about the desert region and learn more about the desert.

Not only that, but an important physical element in Australia is the making of racks that are naturally formed in Australia. There is no better place to watch sunrise and sunset than a rock formation. Also, the Ayers Rock in Australia is a World Heritage Site. Kata Tjuta has known worldwide as Mount Olga and Devil’s Marble.

Another important physical element in Australia is the range there, which has a variety of mountains and hills. It is a magnificent place with mountains together. It would be a blessing for me to see a mountain in such a state that it falls on one’s body.

Another reason to go to Australia on holiday is to see the beautiful scenery in Australia. Visible to the west of Canberra is the Brindabella Range and the largest mountain range in South Australia, the Flinders Range.

Sydney in Australia depends on its coastline in the summer. We can see all the three shores together from Bondi to Bronto Walk. Watching this scene is like watching an epic.

One of nature’s greatest gifts to Australia is the famous Reef, also known as the Great Barrier Reef. It has a lot of marine life with over 3000 individual reef systems.

If I go on holiday to Australia, I will never miss this opportunity to see the largest reef in the world.

It is also native to Australia. A wide variety of animal species are found in Australia. Australia has the largest mammal population on earth. These include Tasmanian devils, short-legged cosmos, koalas, and kangaroos. Many cities in Australia are also important for tourism. The zoo is also a major tourist destination in Australia. There are many zoos and wildlife parks in Australia. Some of the most famous zoos include Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, the Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas, Victoria’s Healesville Sanctuary, and South Australia.

Cleland Wildlife Park is one of the most popular parks and zoos for tourists.

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