My Interview Experience Essay In English

My Interview Experience Essay In English

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My Interview Experience Essay In English

My Interview Experience Essay In English

My Interview Experience Essay In English :

There comes a stage in everyone’s life, he needs an interview. You have to go through this stage of the interview before doing any job. An interview is an oral examination conducted by a senior person in a field who has applied for a job or admission.

Just as you cannot predict your future like this, it is also impossible to predict what questions a person may ask you in an interview.

Just as the field of knowledge is spread out like a vast ocean, it is not possible to say what question will be asked in this storehouse of knowledge. The interviewer is free to ask any questions in the field of knowledge. Every question needs to be answered in the interview. If a question is not answered, the senior person sitting in front needs to be informed.

How do I Explain My Experience in an Interview:

After completing my postgraduate and Bachelor of Computer Science education from Punyashlok Ahilyabai University, I registered within the local employment exchange. I was hoping that this registration would get me a good quality job.

Since I was educated in the computer field, I was able to type well. Also had enough knowledge about various languages ​​and software of a computer. In the last week of June, I received a call for an interview from a multinational company.

And through this call, I was requested by a senior person of the company to attend the interview.

As scheduled, I arrived at the company’s administrative office at Old Toll Naka Marg, Mumbai on the morning of June 24, 2021.

Since this was the first experience of a job interview in my life, I attended the company office ahead of time so as not to be careless about anything. I was scared but I was happy to be called for an interview from such a big company. I was sitting in the Go office thinking of the interview it was a grand big hall.

I was not alone in this opportunity to the interview as there were 25 more candidates present. Just as I was called for an interview by call, the other 25 candidates were also called for an interview. Everyone was preparing well for this job and waiting for a better opportunity.

I became a little nervous and my heart started beating faster. The fortress of my confidence was slowly collapsing. But even in such a situation, I did not give up and my self-confidence increased and I somehow recovered. The interview was only five minutes away.

In these five minutes, I convinced myself that I did not want to miss this opportunity and I stood up with confidence. I closed my eyes and placed the image of my parents and God in front of me. And I tried to remember all the tips of all the studies I did once again.

Interview time started. They were called by the name of each candidate sitting in the hall. I was second among the candidates invited to the interview. As soon as I called my name, I entered the room. Five householders were seen sitting on chairs behind a table in the middle of the room.

Since it was morning time, I wished them good morning.

Those five householders resisted and asked me to sit on a chair in front of the table. Then a series of questions began to be asked of me by the seniors sitting in front of me.

The questions I asked were of different kinds in the field of knowledge. I had fear in my mind but I did not show that fear on my face. And I answered every question with confidence.

Seeing my confidence, they also tried to harass me mentally. But I faced every question with full determination. I tried to answer every question they asked in the right way and I never lost my confidence.

They took about 40 minutes to interview me but in these 40 minutes, they asked me various questions in which I would lose my confidence, even trying to make my words worse while talking to them. But I kept answering every question without giving up under any circumstances.

After interviewing me for 40 minutes like this, they told me to stop outside. I came out of the back door of that office into the hall and she sat on a bench.

This first experience of my interview was really inspiring for me.

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