{ Essay } Write An Essay on Water Pollution

Write an essay on Water pollution

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{ Essay } Write An Essay on Water Pollution

{ Essay } Write An Essay on Water Pollution

Write an essay on Water pollution :

Pollution is the release of certain toxins into the natural environment, which pollutes our environment and has a detrimental effect on our body. The main types of time are water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and land pollution.

Water pollution is the contamination of water sources. Water pollution pollutes the water of rivers, streams, lakes and seas.

Earth is the only planet that has liquid water on its surface. About 71 percent of the earth’s surface is water. But even though there is such a large amount of water, only three percent of it is for our use, which means that we use that water for drinking and other necessary work.

Water is the life of all living things. No living thing can live long without water. So water is of paramount importance in our lives. But recent pollution has polluted various water sources. And it is also affecting human health.

Water and water cycle :

Earth is the only planet that has the most water. So we know that water can be seen everywhere on earth. The main source of water is rain. Water is found on earth in a definite form. It just changes its state as the water passes through the cyclic order. We know it as the water cycle.

The water cycle is a naturally occurring process. The sources of water i.e. rivers, lakes, seas, oceans are evaporated by heat. Evaporation is the conversion of water into vapor. This vapor then goes through a process of condensation and this same water falls back to the earth in the form of ice when it rains which we call rain.

What is water pollution ?

Water pollution is the contamination of water. The mixing of toxic substances in the water of seas, lakes, rivers, and streams causes water pollution.

Water pollution is a minor or major change in the chemical or biological properties of water. As a result, the density of this water decreases, and some toxic substances are formed in the water, so this water is not drinkable or any living thing can survive in it.

Causes of water pollution :

Water is the life of all living things. Recently changed lifestyles are causing water pollution. Water is a liquid in which any substance dissolves easily. So the water is easily contaminated.

The recent increase in industrialization is the main cause of water pollution as toxic water from large-scale industries and factories is discharged into rivers and Dallas causing water pollution.

The main cause of contamination of river water is agricultural pollution. Additional fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals are used in agriculture. As soon as it rains, the water containing such chemicals mixes with the rivers and streams, thus contaminating the water in the rivers and streams.

Other causes of water pollution are the overuse of water which we call wastewater. According to one record, 80% of wastewater discharged elsewhere without reuse is water pollution.

Another major cause of water pollution is oil spills in the oceans. When toxic substances or dirty oil get into the sea, the seawater becomes polluted.

Consequences of water pollution :

The various effects of increasing water pollution are as follows-

1. Various diseases :

The main effect of water pollution is on the human body. When a person consumes or consumes any kind of contaminated water, it often has a detrimental effect on our body. This can lead to other diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, etc.

2. Elimination of ecosystem :

The ecosystem is extremely dynamic and responds to small and small changes in the atmosphere. What effect can increasing pollution have on the entire ecosystem?

3. Consequences of the food chain :

Water pollution has a huge impact on our food chain. For example, aquatic animals living in the sea and other rivers and streams die due to contaminated water. As a result, other aquatic organisms that depend on them die automatically.

How can water pollution be prevented ?

Water is our life so we need to do more to keep our life safe and clean.

1. Save water :

Saving water should be your first goal. Water pollution is not a domestic problem but a serious problem facing the whole world. Therefore, it is very important for us to save water by using water sparingly.

2. Sewage treatment :

Disposal of waste products before water depletion helps in reducing water pollution to a great extent. Agriculture or other industries can reduce and reuse wastewater.

3. Use of environmentally friendly products :

We can try to stop water pollution by using environmentally friendly products.

Conclusion :

Water is the life of all living things. Therefore, proper use of water without contaminating it will benefit us all. To come

We need to drain water from now on to convince future generations of the importance of water.

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